Raw vegan crispbreads or what to do with courgette glut

img_20180612_063829I’ve been experimenting with dehydrating my own crisps and breads on and off since last year. This time it seems natural to come back to the idea – I love my corncakes for breakfast, topped with avocado and tomatoes, they’ve been my favourite way to start a day for a long time. I am on a mission to find alternative plastic-free ways to get through two weeks so this time I needed to come up with an idea of my breakfast breads that don’t come in plastic. Secondly, if you ever grown courgettes in your garden or allotment, you know it will come – courgette glut – when you quickly run out of ways of using dozens of new courgettes every day.
I am still experimenting, but for these crispbreads I used three smallish courgettes, 4 carrots, cup of soaked linseed, 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds, pinch of black sesame and chia seeds, a couple of cloves of garlic, a bit of water, salt and whizzed it all in the food processor.
When the mixture is ready, spread it on the dehydrator sheet and dehydrate overnight. img_20180611_192826This time mine came out a bit fragile so I might decrease water and add some nuts instead next time.img_20180612_062723However I loved breaking them into uneven pieces and topping with avocado, tomatoes, chilli sauce and sprinkling with nigella seeds.

Perfect in its imperfection.

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