Fermented apple water bread experiment #1



Here’s a little Fruit water bread experiment 👩‍🔬 that took me over two weeks (gotta be the longest it ever took me to make a loaf of bread! 😋) - and this time instead of my sourdough starters I used fermented fruit water.

I wanted to try this method that doesn’t really get much coverage online, not in English, so I was happy to play. I didn’t measure anything and at some point even completely forgot my “wild apple water” starter in the fridge, however was surprised with the result.

I filled a jar with sliced organic apples and filtered water and left it to bubble away for 7 days. The activity was so strong that I had to frequently open the jar over the last few days.

On day 7 it smelled pleasantly fruity and had subtle yeasty taste. I scooped out some of the fermented apple liquid and mixed it with wheat bread flour.

There wasn’t much happening in terms of the rise but eventually after 12 hours the liquid became significantly bubblier and stronger and somewhat expanded.
At that point I didn’t have time to continue and just put the bowl in the fridge.
Then life happened and I kind of gave up on my experiment thinking that I would just have to start again at some point.

However a week later I looked at the contents of the bowl in the fridge - it was still very much alive and active! So I decided to use it the same way I would use my normal sourdough levain - autolyse, final mix with salt, bulk fermentation with a few stretch and folds, preshaping, shaping, overnight retarding in the fridge, score and bake in the morning. Incredibly, the dough behaved in a way as if it was powered by a happy healthy sourdough levain. I used 100% light malthouse flour for the bread.

Finished loaf turned out incredibly soft, with thin crust and pillowy lacy crumb, with very delicate flavour: just a hint of sourness and what I would describe as carbonated water aftertaste. So interesting and so delicious… I am definitely trying “wild fruit water” breads again! Would love to hear anyone else's stories about similar method!

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