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About Plantissimo

Plantissimo is a home microbakery run by Eva and Chris Harrison. 

"I am fascinated with traditional leavening and natural fermentation, the way sourdough was created centuries ago, when bread was not just a centre of a family table but often a powerful force behind some of the biggest events in history. I got into a habit of bringing a loaf or two to family and friends’ homes and to my colleagues, which they loved, so I thought it was time to share it with more people and convert some of our home spaces into a microbakery. 

I've always been interested in where my food comes from. When I became vegan about 12 years ago, I quickly learned the importance of reading the labels and recognising “dark patterns” of industrial scale food production. On the other hand, living in London, I discovered fruits, vegetables, pulses, herbs and spices I never knew existed - it’s a privilege to be exposed to food from all over the world and be able to be creative with it. 

When you care where your food comes from, how ethically it is produced, what has been involved, how much it impacted the planet and how healthy it is, any small action of reclaiming dinner on your plate and bringing it from industrial scale into an individual human level: planting some seeds, making your own food, sharing with community - feels like the right thing to do. My aim is to bring this sense of caring into Plantissimo bread, focusing on flour, seeds, herbs and other ingredients that come from some brilliant British producers. 

Naturally leavened Plantissimo bread is created with my own starter and fermented for over 20 hours, often in cane baskets. Minimal waste and compostable or reusable materials are a priority. Everything created at Plantissimo is vegan, including quiches, pies and sweet treats."

Eva, designer and real bread enthusiast