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Rye Einkorn
Rye Einkorn

Rye Einkorn

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This slowly fermented rich sourdough is a reimagined Russian rye paired with einkorna very special ancient type of wheat, historically more commonly grown in cooler climates. Both contribute to sweetness, warmth and density of the crumb, and a crunch of the dark crust, with added bold flavours of crushed fennel, coriander and cumin seeds. It is slowly fermented using rye sourdough starter and is a loaf with a bit of an attitude. Brilliant with a hearty soup, pickles or your favourite topping.

Keep it in a cool dry place and enjoy within 5 days. A lot of people find rye breads taste best on day two onwards.



Organic dark rye flour
Organic einkorn flour
Crushed fennel, coriander and cumin seeds
Crushed nuts


Allergen information: Contains gluten, nuts and may contain traces of sesame.